Eligibility Guidelines

This season, Astral is not accepting applications for solo woodwinds, solo brass, or solo voice (alto, mezzo-soprano, soprano). Astral will hold auditions for these instruments and voice types next season in 2024. Classical musicians specializing in period, non-traditional, and folk instruments are always welcome to inquire; please email us with any questions regarding this.


  • 2023 candidates need not be citizens of the United States. However, candidates must reside in, and be legally eligible to perform and be compensated in the contiguous United States (the 48 states that do not include Hawaii and Alaska, and territories of the United States).
  • Candidates who advance to Round 2 must be available to travel to Philadelphia, PA during the scheduled dates in May 2023, to audition in-person, and be eligible for acceptance to and participation in Round 3 – Interview.
  • Candidates must be available to attend orientation and perform in a Winners Concert event in Philadelphia in early Fall 2023.
  • Candidates may be under professional management.
  • Chamber ensembles must demonstrate that they have been a pre-formed group for at least 2 years. Ensembles may have a maximum of six players.
  • Candidates may apply as soloists in addition to applying as a member of a chamber ensemble.
  • Prizes are not awarded at the competition; instead winners are invited to join Astral’s artist roster.
  • There is no limit to the number of artists to be invited onto Astral’s roster.
  • The panel has the right to recommend no artists, and all decisions are final.

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