Applications for 2021 Astral National Auditions are now closed. Please check back in Winter 2021 for information on our 2022 auditions. Thank you!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, including travel restrictions and distancing guidelines, the 2021 Astral National Auditions will be conducted via an entirely digital format. 

Round 1 – Online Application

Audio File Repertoire Requirements

  • 3 audio files (mp3, m4a, or wav) representing 3 different works that demonstrate different styles and periods, of which at least 1 selection demonstrates virtuosity.
  • For instrumentalists, single movements (represented in their entirety) from a larger work are acceptable.
  • Selections must have been recorded within the last 2 years.
  • Selections need not be the same as the repertoire prepared for Round 2 (newly recorded video auditions).
  • For individuals: only audio files in which the applicant is the featured soloist will be accepted; a recording of the applicant’s performance within an ensemble will not be accepted. (i.e. A concerto performance would be accepted, but a performance within a piano quintet, for example, would not.)
  • Audio files may only be edited if you wish to cut extraneous/non-musical portions of your selections (i.e. spoken introductions or lengthy applause, etc.). Audio files may not be edited in any way to enhance performance quality.

Naming Your Audio Files

The audio files are screened anonymously, therefore:
1) Name each audio file by composer/title/movement title;
2) DO NOT include your name when you name each audio file.

Video Statement Requirements

  • A video (mp4, mov, avi, wmv) of up to 2 minutes stating why you seek a career as a soloist and/or chamber musician.
  • The Round 1 screening panel will not view the video statements.

Round 2 – Semifinal Audition

  • Applicants advanced to Round 2 are requested to record and submit a video of a short program of selections not to exceed 20 minutes in duration. Applicants will be offered a free coaching session, if desired, to assist them with audio capture and any recording questions prior to this submission.
  • The 20-minute video program should include circa 15-18 minutes of music as well as time for speaking; this is left to the discretion of each applicant, but applicants are requested to include at least some element of speaking during their presentation. We are interested not only in your performance, but in your presentation, speaking, and creative thinking.
  • This program may include any number of selections – recorded in a single continuous take, with no editing of either video or audio.
  • Applicants are encouraged to create a coherent mini-program which shares their unique point of view and artistic direction.
  • Individual movements or excerpts from longer works may be included, as long as there is at least one complete work or movement represented.
  • Accompanists are at the discretion of the applicant but are not required due to ongoing social distancing restrictions.
  • Programs must contain at least one work composed since 1980 or after.

Questions? Contact or 215.735.6999