Take risks. Push boundaries.
Collaborate. Test your limits.

Astral develops talented, rising-star classical musicians with the potential for major solo or chamber music careers. We serve as a crucial link between the conservatory and the real world by making a long-term commitment to our artists’ professional and artistic growth.

Artists on our roster have access to a portfolio of exclusive opportunities, and a professional network that builds on their unique artistic and entrepreneurial skills.

For vocalists, Astral provides opportunities and access to sing for agents, consultants, and opera companies both local to Philadelphia and nationally.

Artists typically stay on our roster for an average of four years. Through our program, artists hone their skills through performances, mentorship, and community involvement, to achieve sustainable and impactful careers in classical music.

To maintain our high caliber of artists, we conduct a competitive National Auditions process, and seek the rare musicians who possess not only unmatched skill, but also imaginative spirits and entrepreneurial drive.

Artists on Astral’s Roster Are
  • committed to pursuing a career as a soloist or chamber ensemble
  • entrepreneurially-minded and enterprising
  • early-career artists who are nearly or recently finished with study at a top music school or conservatory
  • often winners of or finalists in major competitions

In 2023, Auditions will be held for:

  • Solo Piano
  • Solo Strings (including guitar, mandolin, and other fretted strings)
  • Solo Percussion
  • Small Chamber Ensembles (must include at least one pianist or string player; for example: string trio, string quartet, piano trio, et al.)

Please check back here in winter of 2022 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a management agency?

No. However, presenters and orchestras do engage Astral artists for solo, recital, and chamber music performances. These engagements are managed by our staff through Astral’s bookings department.

Can I have management and be on Astral’s roster?

Yes. Astral is non-exclusive, and we will work with artists who have management, in cooperation with their agents.

Do I receive payment for participating in Astral’s programs?

Yes. We pay our artists for participation in all our programming.

Does Astral charge any service fees to its roster artists?

No. Our services are provided free of charge to our roster artists. A small administrative fee is assessed for some bookings.

Do I need to live in Philadelphia to be on the roster?

No. However, since our programming takes place in Philadelphia, artists need to travel here for engagements and meetings. Astral reimburses for most travel expenses. Applicants need not be citizens of the United States. However, applicants must reside in, and be legally eligible to perform and be compensated in the contiguous United States.

How do you define “early-career”?

We define early-career musicians as those who are nearly or recently finished with their higher education, and who are actively pursuing professional careers as soloists or chamber ensembles.

How long do artists stay on Astral’s roster?

Artists are on our roster for an average of four years.

How have Astral’s programs been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Astral continues to offer a full range of artist services through its programs, all of which now emphasize tools for online creation as well as developing skills and relationships relating to live performance. Astral’s artistic and community programs help prepare artists with both skill-sets, as it is our belief that facility in digital content creation and engagement will continue to be an invaluable asset for artists post-pandemic. Astral’s booking program continues during this time with a mix of live and digital engagements, as appropriate given national and regional health guidelines.