With the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the next generation of classical music stars rises to the occasion – and to new heights of innovation, intimacy, and connection with their audiences with Astral Nova

Our 2020/21 season Astral Nova is about empowering the next generation of artists to create in a digital space. All events will be live streamed and will featuring performance, discussion, artistic collaborators, and plenty of surprises.

Each digital event represents the unique vision of each artist as well as Astral’s commitment to supporting emerging creators at a time when performing artists need support more so than ever.

Astral Nova features seven video events offered on Saturday evenings at 7pm Eastern. Ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, the digital events are as varied as the personalities and passions of our artists. Taking full advantage of exploring what’s possible beyond the concert hall, our artists will welcome audiences to literary salons, musical parties, and calls to adventure – each presented with the highest fidelity to sound and video, as if each seat in the house were less than six feet away.

This is the moment for classical music’s brightest stars to reach beyond the concert hall – beyond social distancing limitations – and beyond conventional expectations of what a classical music experience can be in the 21st century.


Emily Levin \ harp
November 14, 2020 \ 7:00pm

Beomjae Kim \ flute
December 5, 2020 \ 7:00pm

Timothy Chooi \ violin
January 30, 2021 \ 7:00pm

Rachel Lee Hall \ harp
February 13, 2021 \ 7:00pm

Ronaldo Rolim \ piano
March 13, 2021 \ 7:00pm

Thomas Mesa \ cello
April 10, 2021 \ 7:00pm

Brittany Lasch \ trombone
May 8, 2021 \ 7:00pm

Access to each Astral Nova event will be available for purchase individually or join us for the entire season with the Astral Nova Membership, which includes all events as well as special access to additional digital content and VIP perks.

Tickets and membership goes on sale on October 15.

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